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Four Victories That Don’t Show Up On the Scale

When trying to lose weight, don't fall into the trap of using the scale as the only measure of success! Here are four other ways our victories can be ...

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Lifting Weights or Cardio to Lose Weight?

No matter who you are or where you come from it can be a struggle to lose weight. Some of us go on binge diets and others exercise and we …

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5 More Benefits of Regular Exercise

If you’re like most people, your motivation for joining Cape Carteret Aquatic & Wellness is to lose weight and get in shape. While those are...

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Get Grapefruit and Get Lean

If you're on a weight-loss mission, a component found in grapefruit can help you burn fat!

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New Equipment: Life Fitness PowerMill Climber

We've just installed two new pieces of equipment in the gym and you're going to love them!

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