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Lifting Weights or Cardio to Lose Weight?

No matter who you are or where you come from it can be a struggle to lose weight. Some of us go on binge diets and others exercise and we still do not...

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Caring for Sore Muscles After Your Workout

If you have ever been really sore after a workout, you may have experienced Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). This can really hamper your fitness ...

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Avoid Fad Diet Pitfalls

Like many members, one of your motivations for joining Cape Carteret Aquatic & Wellness was probably to lose weight. You also understand that...

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Free Osteoarthritis Seminar

Dr. Jeffrey Moore will be conducting a free seminar on May 11, 2017. He'll be talking about leg and hip pain from Osteoarthritis.

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Great Turnout for Free Oral Cancer Screening

We sponsored a free oral cancer screening at the gym this past weekend. The screening was free to the public and we're so glad that so many took advan...

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5 More Benefits of Regular Exercise

If you’re like most people, your motivation for joining Cape Carteret Aquatic & Wellness is to lose weight and get in shape. While those are...

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