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Author: Jessica

Running and Resistance Training

  Overuse injuries are a common problem among people who run regularly or competitively. The failure to adequately warm up for a run and a lack o...

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Save $30 on Swim Lessons

Cape Carteret Aquatic & Wellness Center in partnership with the town of Cape Carteret, is offering reduced cost swim lessons to town residents....

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Avoid Fad Diet Pitfalls

Like many members, one of your motivations for joining Cape Carteret Aquatic & Wellness was probably to lose weight. You also understand that...

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5 More Benefits of Regular Exercise

If you’re like most people, your motivation for joining Cape Carteret Aquatic & Wellness is to lose weight and get in shape. While those are...

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Want to Look and Feel Young? Start Interval Training

  While you can’t stop time from moving forward and thus getting older, you can control the speed at which your body ages. According to a r...

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