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Four Victories That Don’t Show Up On the Scale

When you’re trying to lose weight, it can feel like the number on the scale is the sole way to measure success. However, this just isn’t true. Sometimes your weight doesn’t budge for a while and then suddenly goes down all at once. Other people find that although they lose weight slowly but surely, it isn’t as quickly as they had hoped. Stepping on the scale only to see that it has barely moved can be discouraging. Rest assured, you will reach your weight loss goal eventually if you keep doing what you’re doing. In the meantime, it’s important to look at other ways you can measure success.

Your Clothes Feel Looser

Walking around in clothes that are too snug for your body is uncomfortable, but maybe you do it for motivation or because you just can’t bring yourself to buy a larger size. Whatever your reason, trying on the same shirt or pair of jeans on different days can give you a good idea of how well your weight loss efforts are working. Week after week, you should notice that your clothes feel looser and more comfortable. This experiment works best when you choose clothes that feel only slightly tight at the start of your weight loss journey.

People Compliment You More Often

Other people may notice your weight loss before you do or before it shows up on the scale. Thank them for their compliments and take it as reassurance that you really are losing weight. The nice words can start even before you have lost any measurable amount of weight because you just have a healthier glow to you.

You Sleep Better and Deal with Stomach Upset Less Often

If you frequently reach for antacids because of your food choices, you should notice that you do so less often or not at all once you start to eat better. Your healthier diet improves digestion, which in turn makes it easier to sleep at night. You should also notice a lightness to your mood because you know that you’re doing something important for your health. Some people can even go off their prescription medications when they change their diet. However, you should never do so without first checking with your doctor.

Increased Stamina

Did you used to feel winded just climbing up the stairs with a laundry basket? Perhaps you could only walk a few blocks before you had to stop to rest. Now that you have committed to losing weight and eating healthier, it takes much more to make you feel fatigued. You’re able to push yourself further when you come in for a workout at Cape Carteret Aquatic and Wellness too. That is something we love to see!

Whatever You Do, Don’t Give Up

If you find yourself stepping on the scale too often and feeling discouraged at the number you see, consider hiding your scale and using the methods described above to determine how you’re doing instead.

If you’ve focused mainly on cardio to lose weight, have you thought about branching out and hitting the iron for some resistance training? A member of our staff is always available to help you get through any rough patches as well.