Save $30 on Swim Lessons

Cape Carteret Aquatic & Wellness Center in partnership with the town of Cape Carteret, is offering reduced cost swim lessons to town residents.

The voucher from Cape Carteret is good for 3 sessions of swim lessons. 1 session equals 1 week (5 days). The voucher is for the lifetime of the child and can be used a couple different ways. They can all be used in consecutively (for example, parents are getting all 3 now and using them this summer for 3 weeks of swim lessons) or they can also be used 1 each year for 3 years. The vouchers are good for ALL swim lessons EXCEPT Parent Child Aquatics (Parents accompanying the child in the water).

All people using vouchers must come into the gym with the voucher that they got from town hall. It cannot be used with online registrations. The voucher is for $30 off.