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RRCA Level 1 Certified Running Coach and Race Director, Jessica Diaz, is taking on runners of all levels that are looking to set goals and train to prevent injury, improve their endurance and/or pace for races on all distances and terrain.

With years of experience and having been coached herself through several marathons and ultra marathons, Coach Diaz can provide guidance with any of your running goals and dreams from as simple as weight loss to 100 mile races.

Coach Diaz is now offering both remote (online only) and in-person training plans and services customized for each individual runner based on current fitness level and experience as well as running goals.

*Student Athletes need a different approach than adult athletes. Youth athletes need one-on-one drill training sessions rather than a weekly plan. Coach Diaz will make recommendations on the athlete’s needs then parents can choose a Youth Drills Package best suited for their needs and budget. 

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