Level 3: Stroke Development & Pre-Swim Team ages 8 and up


Ages 8 & up

Builds on skills learned in Level 2 Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Level 3 fine tunes the basic strokes and perfects them.

Our goal is to have swimmers ready for swim teams and to improve or maintain current swim team members with increased stroke drills and endurance training.

  • Rotary breathing (breathing to the side from face down position ) with freestyle stroke
  • Breaststroke kicks with breaststroke breathing
  • Backstroke kick with arms coming out of the water
  • Butterfly kick with arms.
  • Starts & turns for competition
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Do you have a swimmer that has been on swim team and wants to improve their skills up this summer? Or perhaps a swimmer that could benefit from more detailed attention than what they have during swim team practice? Does your swimmer want to progress to a swim team this fall and wants to be prepared for the tryouts?

Our classes are small, individualized and coached by experienced coaches.

Only 4 students to a class with each session lasting 45 minutes.



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July 6 – 10, July 13-17, July 20 -24, July 27 – 31, Aug 10 – 14, Aug 17 -21, Aug 25-28


6:00 – 6:45